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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stop the world ... I wanna get off!

In all seriousness, I think I've had enough of this roller coaster ride. Matthew has been in major anxiety meltdown over the past week or so (a lot due to a medication change that isn't working in his favour.) Monday was the start of a new semester for him and I think that it was more than his already over-stressed, overwhelmed self could handle. He made it fine through the day on Monday, but Tuesday he shut down at school. He slept through three of his four classes and the fourth one had a difficult time functioning. Yesterday he woke up in melt down and said he couldn't go to school. He slept the entire day. When he got up he was in a much better frame of mind and was able to spend 4 hours working on the work that he had missed over the last two school days.

I was able to meet with all his new teachers yesterday and we were able to get some things in place for him. Hopefully we are all on the same page. They all seem so genuinely interested in helping him to succeed.

Now if I can convince his doctor to put him back on his paxil I think things will level out again!

Spencer and Cameron (and now John) have been sick over the past few days. We had this cold/flu thing going through the house. They have been moaning and groaning. Cameron was home Monday and Spencer on Tuesday. It's amazing, however, that this morning they got up and dressed without any moans or groans about being sick. They eagerly got their breakfast, made their lunches - and in plenty of time. They were even trying to stiffle their coughing for fear of me keeping them home from school today. They've been healed ... all because their school is going on a ski trip today!!!!


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Too funny about the ski trip being the sudden cure. Gotta love boys.
    I'm hoping things go well for Matthew for this new semester. Must be so hard on you both.

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    LOL the healing power of a field trip! =D

    I'm sorry to hear that your household has been sick. =( We're battling something similar at home right now...

    I'm sorry to hear about Matthew though. I hope that the new meds either kick in or get changed if not working, and that he can go on with his semester. Sending friendly hugs to you! =D


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