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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wow! It's been a week since I've updated. I went scrapbooking last weekend with a couple of friends. We had such a nice time. I didn't get a lot done, but it was so nice to have a girls' day that it didn't matter how much I accomplished.

This week has been rather busy with just life. Tuesday Spencer had Jazz Band practise in Burlington and then I picked my brother Rick up and brought him home for the evening and night. He has Down's Syndrome and is pretty low functioning. It was so nice to have him home. We didn't do much except sit on the couch and cuddle (which is just what he likes to do!)

Matt started and finished his exams. He only had two to write this semester. He feels he aced both of them (which wouldn't surprise me.) Now he can relax over the next week before the next semester starts. ...then we have to do transitions all over again, new teachers, new peers, new classes. Not an easy thing for him to do. I need to set up a meeting with all his new teachers to help ease into the semester.

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to pick up paint for Spencer's room. His room is in desperate need of a make-over since he's 13 and still has space all over his walls. He decided that he wants a music theme (surprise, surprise) and wants silver walls. After looking all over, I found metallic paint at $54.00 a gallon! (Benjamin Moore wanted over $100 a gallon!) So, guess what my week ahead will be like??

I finally started my Book of Me! I've been wanting to start one for a couple of years now. I did a page on what makes me smile.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    GOrgeous lo Barbara! what a wonderful idea to do for your 1st BOM lo. I love the way you did your title.
    Good luck with the painting by the way.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Great LO! =D I love the title and the pp that you chose. I've been wanting to start a BOM forever... Congrats on starting yours! Can't wait to see the other LOs for it! =D


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