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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shouldn't I be at the LSS playing right now??

It's my playday today. I should be at the store, playing with my friends LOL! I want to be at the store playing with my friends. I normally never let anything interfer with my Tuesdays but today Cameron is going through the educational testing. I took him this morning. After the initial meeting with the tester (I'm not sure what to call him) I left. Cameron will go through three hours of testing today and then finish up next week. I'm anxious to know if there's something that is making school so frustrating for him right now. He gets along well at school, but he's just finding the work so overwhelming and having meltdowns at home over the homework.

I found these two pictures of him on my computer just now.

This is Cameron at the age of three. He was so cute!!

Hahahaha! I love this picture. He was 6. He was mad because he didn't get to drink out of the pop bottle first.

This is a recent layout of Cameron. What a sweetie he is. (I feel sorry for the cat, though!)

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