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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy 13th birthday Spencer!

I had to do a journaling challenge for one of the Scrapbooking boards I go to. The challenge was to first write the journaling and then find the pictures to go with it. I figured what better journaling then on Spencer becoming 13 and being the middle child. Here it is:

Today you turned 13. As I've reflected back over the years, I'm so aware that sometimes you were given a raw deal. You are the middle child. You are the second of three boys. I know that being in the middle is not always easy. You aren't the first and you're not the last, but I hope you know that you are blessed. God placed you in the middle. You are a little brother and you are a big brother. You have someone to learn from, and someone to teach. You have someone to follow, and someone to lead. You have someone to look up to, and someone who looks up to you.

You may feel that sometimes you don't get the same amount of attention as you brothers, or that life is unfair at times. During those times remember that we love you more than life itself. We are so proud of who you are and the person that you are becoming. You are a kind and sensitive young man who desires to do the best that you can do. We are proud of the kind of brother you are. You show a lot of sensitivity and patience with your older brother, and a lot of caring and leadership with your younger brother.

You may feel that you drew the worst spot in our family, but to us you drew the best. It made you who you are ... perfect!

Enjoy being 13, Spencer! You're a great kid.

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  1. Way to make me cry first thing in the morning! Awesome journalling!


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