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Friday, September 30, 2005

Gotta even things out!

OK, after such a grumpy post on Wednesday, I will try to be more upbeat today. Thanks to everyone who left comments or emailed me about my grumpy mood. You are all so sweet.

One of the boards that I go to asked the question "Why do you scrapbook?" I had to really stop and think about that one. When I was first introduced to scrapbooking the pull was to create a lasting legacy for my boys, in a fun and creative way. I wanted to tell their, and my life story. I think as time has gone on, however, the reason I keep doing it has changed. I really enjoy my pictures and playing with them and trying to present them in a fun and cool way. I enjoy the creative outlet that this hobby allows me. I'm not a real crafty person, but this is a way in which I can express myself with those who mean the most to me. I enjoy reliving the memories of the pictures while I work on a page and when I look through my albums. I also enjoy the social aspect to scrapbooking. I love getting together with my friends and family to play. I love chatting about the newest products and the hottest techniques. I love being with people who share the love for the hobby. Now, it is just a bonus that I'm creating a legacy to leave my family.

This is the last layout that I completed. These pictures were taken at Myrtle Beach in July.

These were also taken in July at a family reunion.

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