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Monday, May 16, 2016

The 100 Day Project

I'm still going strong with this project.  It really feels good to be creating again!

Day 3
I worked on a layout kit for Scrapbook Nerd.

Day 4
I worked  on another layout for the same kit for Scrapbook Nerd
Day 5
I got out my Happy Planner and got caught up. For me, my planner isn't used as a traditional planner.  I use it as a documenter - doing jot dot notes of what I did that day, and adding in small photos of anything that I may have taken that day.
Day 6
I worked on another layout kit for the Scrapbook Nerd store

Day 7
This was yet another layout kit for the store.  Can you tell we were getting ready for some crops?

Day 8
On Day 8 I was so happy to get out my own pictures again, and actually do something for myself. I dug into some old photos for this.  The photos are of the first big trip that Spencer took without us. He went on a big band trip to Calgary. 

I think I will stop there. I will come back tomorrow to share more.

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