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Monday, May 04, 2015

Reno Updates

Ok, it's proving to be really difficult to keep a regular blogging schedule.  I was thinking that I could post regular updates about the renovations, but obviously that hasn't happened. However, this time, I can honestly say that I have had NO time!  Since the renovations started in February, my whole life has been chaos and just trying to keep my head above water.  To top it all off, work has been rather busy, and we have been planning a major family vacation - more on that later.

So, at this moment, I think we are probably about 3/4 of the way through.  Most of the unseen work (wiring and plumbing) has been done. The floors are done. The kitchen in the basement is pretty much done.

These pictures are from last week.

The kitchen cabinets arrived and the install began.  We also took out the larger kitchen window, and added two smaller ones. At this point, all the cabinets are in, but these photos were taken last week.
In these photos you can see the new floors under the cardboard.

This is what my dining room was looking like a few days ago. The floor is finished, so this has become the place to move all the furniture too while the kitchen is being installed.

My office is the only room on the main floor that is finished now.  All that happened here was new floors.  Once the floor was in, and before I moved the furniture back in, I painted the walls.  Gray!  It's becoming the common colour in the house.

The new fireplace is in in the family room, and so are the floors.  The stone for the fireplace has been purchased and still needs to go in.
The laundry room is pretty much done but we are still waiting on some back ordered doors from Ikea.
In the front entry hall we had the half wall removed.. (I have always disliked it.) In it's place a new built in bench will be built.
New doors for the hall closet, and laundry room will go in this week.
A new pocket door has gone in, in the main floor powder room.
While the floors were being done, it was very noisy and there were a lot of people in and out of the house all day long.  Suki, who is quite skittish at the best of times, was not a happy camper.  She has discovered the best hiding place ... inside the box spring of my bed!

We have decided to escape all the dust and noise at home.  We are heading to Europe for a Mediterranean  Cruise as a grad present for Spencer, who has just graduated from University.  John, Spencer and Cameron left a couple of days ago, and Matt and I are heading out today. We are en route right now, actually.  We are sitting in the Philly airport waiting for our connecting flight to Venice.  It's going to be such a great time with all my guys! Hopefully, by the time we get back home, most of the work will be done and I can finally get my house clean and back in order!

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