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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our 8th Annual Girls Trip

It's hard to believe that the girls have been going away together for so long! 8 years! 8 1/2 years ago we decided to go away for a week. That year the were 13 of us. It wasn't the first time that we had traveled together, but it was the first "annual" trip. That year we went to Quebec City. We had so much fun together that we decided that we needed to make sure it was an annual event. Now, 8 years later our group has grown and each year we struggle to find a house big enough to house 20 of us, as well as our scrapping stuff that we all lug with us. We all want to stay together in one place. We've managed to go to a different spot each time.

This year we spent the week in a beautiful 10 bedroom house on the ocean in the outer Banks of North Carolina. The house had every luxury we could ever want - beautiful Master suites, a gorgeous great room that overlooked the beach and ocean, a pool, 2 hot tubs, a sauna, and an elevator.


We spent most of our time enjoying the Outer Banks and each other. There was so much to do and see that there wasn't a lot of cropping going on.

As a group we all (well, most of us) went on an excursion to see the wild horses. We all fit into on big beach hummer they coined a Bummer and drove us into the wild horse reserve. To get to it, we had to go off road, onto the beach and up into an area where there were no paved roads. There are some very lucky people who actually get to live up there. After driving up the beach for a while we went into the area where the homes were. Our guide told us there were no guarantees that we would see some horses ... but we were so lucky we saw so many of them. It seemed that every "street" we turned down there they were. It was fantastic. The best part was when, on our drive back down on the beach, we saw two gorgeous horses standing at the edge of the water (we were told its not common to see them on the beach like that.)

The next day, 5 of us went back up to the same spot to do an off-road Segway tour in the reserve. It was so much fun! We rode around for about 3 hours, saw more horses and played hide-and-seek with our tour guide.

The trip was fantastic. We all had such a bast. We got some scrapping done, had lots of laughs, saw some amazing places, ate some incredible food, and shopped - all with the best group of girls ever! I can't wait until next year!
(And as one of the organizers I already know where we're going - and yes, girls, it will top this year's trip!)

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  1. It was another fabulous trip. I can't wait to get your photos on the CD. You already have a place in mind!!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I too am waiting for the photo CD. Can't you give us a clue for next year???

  3. I have been to the Outer Banks and thought it was a magical place. I shall always treasure our visit to the Carolina's, Georgia and Alabama
    Your crop mansion looks fabulous. Must have been a wonderful trip!

  4. Looks gorgeous!!!

  5. What a beautiful place! Look like you had a great trip!


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