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Friday, September 07, 2012


outside: right now it's sunny and humid. I suppose I should get outside and enjoy it because it sounds like we have a lot of rain -heavy rain - on the way for the weekend
thankful: for the www and the wealth of knowledge at my finger tips - including finding out if the correct phrase is "wealth of knowledge, or "well of knowledge". By the way, I thought it was wealth.
eating: after a summer of eating too much junk food, I'm enjoying detoxing from carbs - who am I kidding? I'm not enjoying it - it just feels better - now pass me the bag of chips.
wearing: jeans, tshirt, hoodie (because the air is on - what's wrong with this picture?) and barefeet
feeling: so many mixed emotions right now
creating: lots of layout packets for my trip away with the girls.
enjoying: lots of peace and quiet now that school is back in.
going: to a baby shower this weekend for my Nephew and his wife.
wanting: a few extra hours in my days.
thinking about: two neighbour families after a shocking tragedy occured two weeks ago
needing:  to get the grass cut this morning before the rain moves in this afternoon.
wondering: when this headache is going to let up. It's been two weeks now! I need to go see my chiropractor.
anticipating: our big girls trip at the end of next week. 20 ladies unleashed for a week. So much fun!
sharing: a layout of one of our many road trips.


  1. LOVE that layout. I'm totally going to lift that one of these days! Have a great trip. I'll be thinking of you!!

  2. Great layout, love that you managed to get everyone in the photo :)

  3. Terrific layout. I like how you used the notebook punch

  4. Fantastic layout!

  5. What a fun layout! I love the big photo :)

  6. What a great layout Barbara! I love how that photo just stands out against that nice clean design!

  7. Love that photo Barb and the layout. I could use some extra hours in my day too. I hope that headache goes away, 2 weeks is a long time. Woo hoo!! Boston here we come!!

  8. This is such a great layout..I LOVE that photo :)
    Have fun with your friends at your girls get away, I am sure you will have a blast :)
    Hope your headache goes away, I am battling my own. I was thinking of removing my eye with a spoon last night it was so bad, lol.

  9. Great layout and photo!


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