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Friday, September 28, 2012

Creative Space of the Week

I love interior design. I'm a junkie for home decorating shows, real estate shows, and decorating magazines. I love browsing some of my favourite decorating sites online - to get ideas, yes, but also to peer into other people's spaces to see how they make it work.

My bookmarks are dominated by favorite spaces, and scrapbooking sites ... so when I come across a site that marries the two, I'm in Heaven! I have so many great scrappy/creative spaces bookmarked. I think if I ever wanted to redo my space, it would be very difficult to decide which way to go because there are so many great spaces out there.

Don'tcha just love the internet for inspiration?

So ... I decided that I would start sharing some of these wonderful spaces here. Each week I'm hoping to post a space that I love and find inspirational.

So, here's my first inspirational Creative Space share. When I saw this space my mouth just about hit the floor. I love all the great storage ... especially the paper storage! I could happily scrap at that table for hours and hours (assuming that I could take my eyes off that view. The only thing I would change would be that I'd need a bigger, more comfortable chair, at the computer desk.

                                                 (source: pineable.com)

You know, if I could convince John to give up the family room ... hmmmmm!


  1. oh a girl can dream!!!! love this!!

  2. Wow wow wow!!!!! This room is amazing! Wish I had something like this!

  3. That is a beautiful room, if only...

  4. So amazing. I would be in there all the time....dishes and laundry would be forgotten :)

  5. Wowsa. If that's what her craft room looks like, what is the rest of the house like?? If only . . .

  6. I'm speechless. Love how spacious it is, but I would need a rolling chair to travel from one counter to the other! lol

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  8. Wow, I don't read so at first I thought this was your room! :)
    WOW it looks amazing!


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