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Friday, September 09, 2011


In an effort to kick start my blogging again, and to try and get back into a blogging routine I'm getting back on the Thursday Thirteen band wagon. I know, I know, today is Friday, but, well, too bad.

So, here are thirteen random thoughts and happenings around my little personal space:

1. as usual, the end of the summer for me means a house that is extremely disorganized, dirty, and neglected. I finally feel like I'm starting to make headway and that things are finally finding their homes again.

2.  All this in time for me to take my anual girls' trip away for a week, which means all my hard work this week is about to be undone.

3. This year we're not going too far from home ... just 4 hours down the highway to St. Clair Michigan. We're going to spend a week at Memories Manor. I've heard raves reviews so I'm looking forward to it.

4. Back to school week has gone off without a hitch ... but then it's so much easier than it used to be. Now I just have one in school who has started grade 10 already. This was the first time I ever remember that he was actually looking forward to school.

5. Spencer just started his second year of university so last weekend we moved him in with 4 other friends into a house. Let's hope there aren't too many distractions for the studying.

6. Matt's had an interesting couple of days. He was still working part-time at Tim Horton's and he was hired on for a gas station. Through no fault of his own he ended up with a scheduling conflict and to make a long story short, his boss at Tim's ended up going to her superior to get approval to get him more hours to make it 34 hours a week so that he would stay with them and quit his other job. This is huge for him since he has Nonverbal Learning Disability and struggles with social interactions. It's reassuring for us to see that he's doing well in his job - so much so that his boss fought to keep him.

7. I'm still doing the Design Team over at The Scrapping Bug. I've been enjoying it.

8. My thoughts are with my neice and my two great-nephews right now. Their beloved dog was hit by a train a couple of days ago. I know they're devasted. Pets are such a big part of our families. Charlie was such a nice dog!

9. I still miss our Oliver and it's been over three months. We'll be looking for a new fur-baby when we get home from our vacation in October. Cameron can't wait. Everytime we pass a pet store he has to do in and spend at least a half an hour playing with the kitties.

10. Too much trash on TV these days - just saying!

11. John and I have both reached our goals in the 17-day diet. I reached mine back in June since I just had a goal of 10-15 lbs. John has lost 35!!!!! He looks great. The Diet is so easy to follow. I would recommend it to anyone.

12. Our goal now is to maintain our healthy eating (which was more difficult for me while I was at the trailer this summer and was just with Cameron. bad habits were sneaking back in.)

13. Now that fall is here he have a lot of big and small projects to do around the house. Big projects that will require us hiring a contractor, and smaller projects which will keep me busy for quite a while.

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  1. Wow, interesting list! It's a great idea.

  2. That is so great for Matthew ! Is her going to quit the gas station?
    Such great success on that 17 day diet for both of you, WTG both of you!!
    I can't wait for our trip, Wednesday can't come fast enough.


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