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Monday, May 02, 2011

So many thoughts...

...so little time.
-Osama is dead. Wow. That one is still sinking in. It's been a long time coming but they finally got the job done.
-great Royal Wedding the other day. It was everything I thought it would be. So beautiful. I was away on a scrapping retreat this weekend and there were about 12 or so of us that got up early to watch it. It was so much fun.
-it was a great weekend away. I always love my time with the girls. Too much laughter, too much eating, and not near enough sleeping.
-Spencer started his job today. He was a little nervous this morning. I'm sure his nerves have eased by now.
-we're still working on planning our summer vacation. I need to get some things booked.
-John and I survived our first cycle of the 17 day diet. He's down 15 lbs and I'm down almost 9. I have one more to go to reach my target, he has a few more than that. I'm just happy that we get to add a few things to our diet now.
-Oliver (our cat) continues to decline. He's so thin. It's so hard to watch him go down hill. We may need to make a decision that we don't want to have to make soon.

-above all, my thoughts and prayers are solely on someone who is near and dear to me, who at this moment is going through some major health concerns and is having some tests done right now.


  1. Hope that all comes out well!

  2. All the best on winning the weight battle.


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