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Thursday, January 27, 2011

For today ...

Outside My Window... snow, snow, and more snow.
I am excited about ... Mexico
I am thinking... that it's hot in here. Maybe I need to turn the fireplace off.
I am thankful for... old friends, good memories.
From the kitchen... since Thursday is band practise night, it means we are eating on the run. Likely Spencer and I will sit together in some fast-food restaurant and grab a bite before band practise. Fast food - yuck spending time one on one with Spencer - well worth it.
I am wearing... shhhhhhh! I'm still in my pjs.
I created this week ... several layouts ... some are still a work in progress.
I am hearing... HGTV
I am wondering ... where I can find more hours in my day to do everything I want to do.
One of my favorite things from the past week... going for dinner with the girls. We went to Waterloo for the day and Spencer joined us for dinner. I enjoyed watching him interact with my friends.

Around the house... as much time as I've spent on cleaning the house in the last month you would think my house would look like a magazine spread ... but sadly it looks like it hasn't been touched.
I am going ... on a youth retreat this weekend. I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun, but I'm also sure I'm going to come home very, very tired.
A Few Plans In the Works: I still need to get going on some quilts I'm making for the trailer, lots of photos that need to be edited, and printed, and then packets made for layouts.
A layout to share: two actually -

 I really love the top picture in this layout. I really wish every night of homework looked like this.

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  1. Hola Mexico! that should be a fun trip. Depending on where you are going check to see if the have a Cenote tour. Really cool underground fresh water caves.

    One day I would like to find out what your secrets are for making layout packets. I think I need to start doing those regularly.
    Like those layouts Miss. Barb.


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