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Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up and more

Yikes! Time is flying by.
Once again we had a very busy week:
-more carpet cleaning done this week. I only have two bedrooms left to do.
-the Halls are all Decked. The house is looking very festive.
-Monday night we went out for dinner to celebrate my 49th birthday
-I started painting the bathroom.
-we played with the band on Saturday in the mall on the Salvation Army kettle
-Matt and I spent a wonderful day together at the mall doing some Christmas shopping
-Thursday night was my brother's Christmas party. He always looks so handsome all dressed up.
-I went to a Glass Fusion place with the girls for a night of creating with glass. It was a lot of fun. I could see myself doing that again.
-I managed to get a little scrapping time in and completed one of the two overdue layouts.

Looking ahead:
-a lot more playing this week. Wednesday we're playing at an insurance brokers' Christmas Party, kettles again on Saturday and Thursday. Tis the Season!
-hopefully I will get most of my shopping done this week. Does anyone know what to get an 18 year old boy who doesn't want anything?
-finish off the bathroom painting
-Cameron has a concert at school on Tuesday
-finish off the last over-due layout.
-carpets in the last two bedrooms

Actually, this list looks and feels a lot shorter than last week's.

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