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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

What a blur! Let's see if I can remember it all:
-last weekend both Spencer's and Cameron's jazz bands played at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival. It was calling for a rain-out of a day, but it was hot and humid all day and right after Spencer's band finished their last song of their last set, the heavens opened to a huge down pour
-Father's Day last weekend was busy. John, the boys, and I went out for lunch and then John, Matt and Spencer went to Guelph to see one Dad and I went to London with Cameron and my sister to see the other Dad. I cherish these times.
-John has been working at home most of the week because of the G20 Summit.
-Matt turned 20! Boohoo! I'm back to having two teenagers in the house.
-lots of clothes and shoes shopping this week. I think there will be more in the days to come. When will they stop growing?
-Cameron's band played at a "private function" - a retirement dinner. A few of the moms went out for dinner after dropping them off and cried about how much we're going to miss it. What a great group of kids and parents.
-I drove Matt up to Brampton to do some work for my sister and then Cameron and I went shopping for some new fishing equipment for him (his grad present) and then we went out for a nice dinner, just the two of us. He is such great company.
-Spencer had his prom last night. He said he had a really good time. I just can't believe how grown up he is. ...have I ever mentioned how much I hate that they're growing up? LOL!
-I got to go for lunch with my friend, Michele, yesterday. We had to have an organizing meeting for our next big girls' trip in September
-lots of end of school year things done this week. Two more school days and then it's done.

For the coming week:
-two more days of school! We're all looking forward to it being over.
-Cameron's grad is on Monday
-Spencer's grad is on Tuesday
-Spencer has a concert on Wednesday
-We're heading up to the trailer after that for Canada Day and the weekend ... and probably longer
-Cameron, my niece and nephew, maybe John and Spencer will be going to Wonderland at some point next week
-I plan on getting lots of R & R in

OK, time to share another layout that is sitting on my hard drive. These pictures are from a couple of years ago when Cameron was feeding a squirrel at the trailer.


  1. HEHEHE Great title! Gorgeous as ever. You are quite the busy bee and I bet you can't wait to escape it all camping. Congrats on your boy's grads and yeah it sucks that they keep growing. LOL. Have a great time!!! Happy Canada Day!

    P.S. Thanks for the comments on my tutorial! It really meant a lot! :D

  2. You have been very busy missy!
    Hope you have fun at the trailer.

  3. @JOY
    ...maybe see you Tuesday?

  4. @Tina
    I'm looking forward to school being over and having a bit of a slower pace ... but I think July will continue to be busy for me.

  5. Enjoy and celebrate the two Rites of Passage. Have a wonderful week of decompressing too.

  6. How do you always come up with such GREAT titles? Love it!!! Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you in the fall.


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