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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

...and so it comes to a close!

I remember this day so well when Spencer was in grade 8. It was a day that I didn't want to end. It was the same for Cameron.

Last Friday was the Halton Junior Jazz Band's last day of school concerts. They toured 4 different schools and my parents and I followed along to three of them. There's just something sad about it all ending. The band has been a really good experience for Cameron (and for Spencer too when he was in it). It's an experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

After the school tours there was a wrap-up party at one of the parent's house. The kids, who are all now really great friends, had a blast. They did a "driveway jam" and then after scarffing down some food, they all took off to the park, leaving the parents to sit and chat.

I'm really going to miss this and Cameron will too.

They still have two more performances, one is a retirement dinner for the school board, and the other is a concert in the park in August so we can look forward to that.


  1. That is super cool. I was in a band and went to a few schools. It is a magical moment indeed! Congrats to Cameron! :D

  2. Hard to believe he's now going to be in high school!

  3. It's great to watch our kids grow up, but milestones like this are always a little bittersweet.

  4. Bittersweet I guess.
    I remember when I was a child and I hated when things like this ended.
    Holy cow! High School!!!

  5. @JOY

    I know! I'm really not ready for my baby to move on to High School.

  6. @Evie
    These bittersweet milestones seem to be coming fast and furious these days.

  7. @Joanne He just doesn't seem old enough does he. Just like Jason, he's still a little boy inside and always will be.

  8. @Tina Thanks Tina. I hope that he still keeps the passion in high school.


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