Welcome to a day in my life. I can't guarantee that this will be an exciting read for anyone. My life is filled with all the mundane activities of a stay-at-home-mom just trying to raise her three sons to be the best men they can be.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My friend, Milena, had this posted on her blog. It's really moving. It's like this lady is living inside my head right now.
Grab a cup of tea and relax for about 10 minutes and watch. You'll be so glad you did!


  1. Thanks for sharing Barbara! I think I watched it before but it's so good to see it again and to be reminded that what you think is your daily bread won't be there for long. It's something that I fear often since I'm not a sahm and always seem to be rushing through most weekdays with not much time besides what has to be done to do things that would be nice to do.

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    THanks for sharing this Barb, it is exactly where we are at right now too, with our 15 and 13 year old. Just what I needed tonight. :-)


  3. I loved this video. Some other scrapbooker posted a link on their blog during the week we were all doing our "A Week in the Life" projects, and it made cry. It made appreciate what I have, and it hightlighted, for me, why I do what I do with paper and glue. :)


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