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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that are on my desk right now:
1. some unfinished layouts (I hope to get to these today)
2. a box of page embellishemnts (just because I was too lazy to turn around and put them back on the shelf.)
3. my small HP photo printer.
4. three paper trimmers (yes, I need three)
5. an empty red bucket
6. a folded canvas bag
7. a pad of patterned paper
8. my ipod radio
9. my tape runner
10. paint brushes
11. some letter stickers
12. glasses
13. my empty ipod case

I could probably reach 20 or so, but since I only need 13 I'll stop there. Do you think it's time to clear it off so I can actually work there instead of coming out and working on the kitchen table?

If you want to participate in this meme, go here: http://thursday-13.com/


  1. Fill the empty red bucket with flowers and Valentine favors and call it good!

    My T 13 is posted...13 tongue twisters [below my movie critique]

    Hope to see you there....have a glorious Thursday.

  2. Wow, I have none of these on mine. Not a one.

  3. We're definitely thinking alike today.


  4. I have all the usual suspects, along with two plastic frogs that I like to arrange in compromising positions.

  5. Your desk seems to have less cluttered than mine.

  6. The clutter on my desk at work ebbs and flows throughout the day. It's usually pretty clean by the time I go home for the evening. Of course, sometimes I accomplish that by moving a pile or two to my worktable. :-)

  7. its going to be sooo cool for you to look back at these!! as for 13 things on my desk phew that would be easy sooooo many things to chose from ;)


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