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Monday, January 04, 2010

100 Top Memories of 2009

There was a challenge over at Log Your Memory in December to get your 100 top memories of 2009 onto a layout. Here's mine:

What? You can't read that journaling? LOL!

If you are actually interested in what my top memories are, keep reading (and reading, and reading).

New Year’s Eve and morning, 2009, spent at Cathy and Don’s and playing Wii Bowling
Getting addicted to my ipod touch
Getting together with Deb and Bob for dinner and Wii
A January snow day
My family cramming into my scrap room to watch American Idol together
Scrap shopping and lunch with Milena
Spencer getting glasses
Obama’s historical inauguration
Cropping with Cathy in a cottage at Jackson’s Point for two days
Spending Family Day with my family in Buffalo
Matthew and Spencer getting their G1 licence
Mrs. Gage’s funeral
Spending the March Break in the Dominican Republic
Getting sick in the Domincan Republic
Matt meeting a group of kids and hanging out with them
Our ATV excursion and incident
Our catamaran trip
Our house break-in
Getting a new vehicle
Spending a weekend in Syracuse with the girls
Deb and Bob getting engaged
Halton Showcase
Easter at Joanne’s
Gayle’s visit
Going out for dinner with the original Lunch Bunch girls
The Spring Scrapping Cabin
Going to CKC Buffalo for the day
Attending National Music Fest with both the High Rendition and the Halton Junior Jazz bands and both getting Gold
Redoing our backyard, buying a gazebo and creating our outdoor living space
Going to the African Lion Safari as a family
Sears family reunion
Going to the Badlands in Cheltenham
Mother’s Day lunch with Mom and Cathy
Spencer taking the Go into Toronto by himself for piano Master classes a few times
Cameron’s grade seven trip to Camp Couchiching for two nights
Spending some weekends at the trailer and doing puzzles with the boys
Wonderland trip with the Captain R. Wilson school band
Halton Junior Jazz Band’s final party and Driveway Jam
High Rendition Church concert
Matt’s high school graduation
Canada Day at the trailer and the baseball tournament
Summer Transition Programme with Matthew for Seneca College
Counselling at Junior Music Camp
The final night Faculty water fight where we kicked butt!
Being on Canada’s highway of Heroes to welcome home one of Canada’s fallen soldiers
Our vacation to the East Coast
Driving the Calbot Trail
Beautiful sunset on Cape Breton Island
Spencer getting “lost” on the beach
Whale watching
Seeing the Tall Ships
Lunch on the Halifax waterfront
Going for dinner with Barb and Carmen
Falling and hurting my ankle in Halifax
Seeing the Blue Nose
Seeing Peggy’s Cove
The Bed and Breakfast in Digby
Getting a flat tire in Nova Scotia
The Cave on the red beach as the tide was coming in
Spending a very tranquil afternoon on a beach along the Fundy Coast
Aunt Ivy’s 90th birthday
Milena, Meredith, and Isobel’s visit to the trailer
Campfires at the trailer
Jenn, James, and the twins visit to the trailer
The big storm that came through at the camp
Playing Scrabble at the trailer
Spencer going to National School of Music
Matt starting college
The girls trip to Maine and cropping overlooking the mountains
Murder mystery party
Michele’s sign language
Zip lining
Spencer’s first girlfriend
Cameron getting his laptop at school
Going to the drive-in as a family
Matt and Spencer starting driving lessons
Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the Sears family
Spencer getting an honor roll award and the music award
Michael Jackson’s death
Rick’s visits home
On-line chats with Lynne, Mac and Laura
Tuesday Lunch Bunch crops
Monthly Friday night crops at Cathy’s
Oliver getting sick and losing his teeth
Getting addicted to Vampire books, movies, and TV series
Going to the Fall Scrapping Cabin
Celebrating Cathy’s 50th birthday with the family
Going to see Cirque Du Soleil with Mom and Dad in London
Dress shopping with Deb for the Maid of Honour dress
Ruth getting ill and ending up in the hospital
Garnet losing his sight because of Macular Degeneration
Hosting the Clayton family Christmas
Birthday lunch with Deb and Michele
Lunch Bunch Christmas party
Cameron and his friends day out to the movies and Sandy and I driving and seeing Meet the Morgans
Aunt Ivy’s funeral
Christmas Eve spent with family
Christmas Day saw us together with John’s parents, enjoying a quiet day with each other
New Year’s Eve spent with family and friends playing games and enjoying each other.
It was hard to come up with 100 memories.


  1. What a wonderful thing to document - you have so many memories. I'm not sure I could remember all the things I did. Perhaps I will start writing down 2010 memories so I can do this next December. :) PS - you have a beautiful family. Love the picture header.

  2. WOW what an awesome idea!! I think I may do a LO like this myself :)

  3. Wow! Congratulations with remembering all those! Lots of awesome memories in there. Some sadder ones too. Big hugs! I hope that you have as many good memories to write about at the start of 2011. :)

  4. That is an amazing list and a beautiful page. I love it. Can you believe I only came up with 30 memories? I think I need to try again. You've inspired me!!! (as always!) xo

  5. Wow - what a great idea!
    Noticed you were at CKC Buffalo - so were a few SS scrappers. Let us know if you are going in 2010 :)

  6. I don't think I'll even try this, but you did a good job.

  7. wow it sounds like an amazing year and i love your lo!!! thanks for sharing this!!

    i got that log my memories book based on your recomendation and i love it, just have to keep it up ;)

  8. What a fantastic idea!

  9. I would be hard pressed to put together a list of 50.

  10. Love the idea. I copied you - hope you don't mind...


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