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Monday, December 28, 2009

It's all over for another year!

Yes, Christmas, 2009, is a thing of the past now. Since I last blogged I feel like it has all been a blur of activity.
The week before Christmas was filled with wrapping paper, tape, tags, cleaning (lots and lots of cleaning) and a funeral.
My great-aunt passed away just before Christmas. Aunt Ivy was a great lady. She turned 90 this year and we were able to celebrate her birthday with the family. The service was very touching and brought back so many childhood memories spent with her and Uncle Bert at their cottage. So many wonderful memories. I will really miss her.
Christmas Eve our Christmas celebrations started when my parents and Rick and my inlaws arrived around 4 p.m. My sister and her husband arrived at 6. We had dinner and celebrated my mom's birthday. Then we settled into some serious Wii games. Mom, Dad, and Rick left with Cathy and Don later in the evening.
John's parents stayed over night and spent Christmas Day with us.
For the first time, ever, the adults were all up before the kids. We had a leisurly bowl of cereal and cup of tea, enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning before mayhem hit.
The boys seemed to like everything they got this year. The big gifts were a leather jacket for Matt, a cell phone for Spencer (we figured it was about time he got one since he's 17) and a camera for Cameron, a Kindle for John, and a jill-e camera bag for me.
The rest of the day was very relaxing. Everyone happily checking out their gifts and each other gifts.
On Boxing Day we traveled to London for my family's Christmas. The family gathering was a little smaller than usual (only 19 of us this year) but we still had a great time ... although we missed getting in our game of spoons.
Yesterday we went to Guelph to John's parents', to help them out with a few things.
Today I'm exhausted. 4 days of meal prep, serving, and clean-up has taken it's toll on me. I've been curled up in a chair all day with my laptop, surfing the web, and reinstalling programmes from when my computer was in for service before Christmas. Other than heating up some leftovers, I don't plan on moving.
I've managed to upload what few pictures I took this Christmas and am sharing a few here. Some of them ended up edited too much as my computer was very low on battery power and so the screen was dim and I didn't really notice until I was done. Now, I'm too lazy to fix them.
Our tree in the family room on Christmas morning and our tree in the basement.
John always talks about his favourite toy when he was a kid. Rock em sock em robots. So, I had to get it for him.
The Chrismtas table this year.
Dinner time.
Boxing Day
My Dad with his Great Grandsons, Owen and Ethan.


  1. Very interesting reading about your Christmas, and what a beautiful tree! Sad to hear about the loss of you "aunt".

  2. Beautiful photos! My boys like Rock Em Sock Em Robots too :)

  3. With the exception of your Aunt's passing, it sounds like you had a good Christmas. Your Christmas table was beautiful!!

  4. My deepest condolences on the loss of your aunt. This year I can say I know how that feels.

    I am happy to see you enjoyed your Christmas. Everything looked beautiful. I love your trees and table decore.

  5. im so sorry to hear about your aunt. it does sound like you had an awesome christmas other than the sadness surounded by loved ones. Veronica is right everything looks stunning!

  6. What beautiful photos, Barb! That last one made my heart sing. :)

  7. Overall, it looks like it was a nice holiday season for you. Ours was quieter than yours, I think, but enjoyable all the same.

  8. Are Owen and Ethan twins? They are so cute!

    Your holiday table was beautiful.


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