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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Do You Know What This Is?

This is my 500th blog post. Several months ago my brother, David challenged us to set a blogging goal. Mine was to hit 500 before the end of the year. I made it. In one way it's pretty sad because I've been blogging now for 4 1/2 years and am just reaching this milestone now, but on the possitive side, this challenge has made me blog more.

Here we are at the end of one week and the beginning of another. I don't think I managed to accomplish a lot this week. Here's my list:

-got the Christmas decorations up (OK, that in itself is a huge accomplishment)
-went for lunch and dress shopping with Deb and we found and bought a maid of honour dress
-the band played at Sunnybrook hospital on Tuesday night
-we played on the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle yesterday in the mall
-I managed to get a few things purchased on my shopping list

Oh, and this is pretty big. Matt applied for his first part-time job. I know this doesn't sound like much for most young people, but for someone with challenges it's a big step. He applied to work at Tim Hortons (we think this is a good match for him at this time). He went for an interview on Friday and it went really well. He's going for a second interview on Monday so that sounds very promising. The look of pride on his face after the interview was worth the price of admission.

Pray for him on Monday.
I figured it's about time I put this layout up. It's from Christmas last year with John's family. Since his family Christmas is next weekend I thought I'd better get this one up before I have the pictures and layout from the next one. (yes, I'm a procrastinator)


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I will keep my fingers crossed for Matt on Monday. Good luck to him!

    And congrats on your 500th post. :)

  2. I do hope Matt gets the job, too. Interviewing for one's first job can be very scary!

    Your layout is lovely. :)

    Oh, yes: Congrats on 500 posts!

  3. All the best to Matthew!


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