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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Countdown is on!

So? How's it going for you? I know that it is just as crazy for everyone as it is for me. I don't have a lot of time to blog, but I thought I would just do a quick "what has Barb been up to" post.
It's not too interesting, but here it is:

- Matt had his second interview and it went well. He hasn't heard anything back, but the manager said that he would take a look at the schedule and see where he could fit him in. If nothing else, the interview experience was good for him.
-school is winding down for everyone for Christmas. There are lots of events, parties and concerts to attend these days. I'm on my way out shortly to help Cameron's school band as they go to an assited living facility to play.
-I had a lovely lunch out with my peeps on Tuesday. We had a table of 12 right beside a table of 12 older ladies. It was pretty loud, but they definately beat us out. It was funny because that will be us in a few years time.
-I'm heading out today for a birthday lunch with two of my friends. We all have a birthday within three weeks of each other.
-my shopping isn't done yet, but it's getting close.
-Cameron found all the cookies that I got from the cookie exchange. Half of them are gone. Arggggg!
-John's family (or those who could make it) were here on Saturday for their family Christmas. It was a very relaxed, and enjoyable day.
-We had our Church's Carols and Candles on Sunday. Lovely.
-the boys are almost done their driving lessons ... and I still have hair. Now if the testers would just get back to work!
-Spencer had to play in a small combo in Toronto on Friday night. After dropping him off (it wasn't the kind of thing for parents to stay and watch) I met John after work and we went for dinner and then did some shopping. We don't get enough time like that together.
-My computer was still sick so I took it in to have it fixed. Yay, it's fixed. Now I have to find, and reinstall all my programmes. Ummmm .... finding them is the problem.

See? Pretty boring.

OK, off to more craziness.


  1. This time of year is just so busy and it is difficult to find time for anything extra let alone blogging.
    You have done so well to keep up with it all.
    Have a blessed Christmas this year, Barb!

  2. We're watching a blizzard outside our window. The snow started last night and has already reached, perhaps even exceeded, the levels it reached during the President's Day Weekend storm of 2003. And, it's expected to keep going for at least 7 more hours. This may be the worst blizzard in the DC area since the mid-1980s, perhaps even since people started keeping track of these things. So, we're just hanging out, watching Christmas movies on the Family Channel. Truth be told, I'm rather pleased to have a great excuse not to go anywhere or do anything this weekend.


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