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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doing a Fly By

I'm just popping in quickly today to share a couple of layouts.

On our way to Tennessee last year we went through West Virginia. We were reading about a bridge that we were going to be crossing and it was listed as a must-see attraction. So, we pulled off. It was hot and we had to hike a short distance to see it. When we got there we all looked at each other and said "It's just a bridge." I don't know what we were expecting. Check out the looks on the boys' faces, LOL!

This one is of one of our favourite things to do at the trailer - put together a puzzle.
OK, I'm off. We have a busy day ahead of us. Enjoy your day.


  1. Funny boys! But, I agree with them: "It's a bridge." :P

  2. Love the layout haha. I love going to the New River Gorge Bridge though, it is beautiful there. Next time you go through that area stop at Babcock State Park. There is a stunning Grist Mill there with gorgeous boulders and rocks in the water that you can go out on. Absolutely beautiful photo ops there! Babcock is just about 15 minutes or so before you get to New River on the highway.

  3. Great pages! Too funny about the bridge! I think that the girls would probably have reacted the same way... LOL


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