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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sharing a couple of more

This layout has actually been finished for a while, but it's just been sitting on my computer. (I don't think I've shared it here. The pictures were from our visit with my cousins, Tom and Doreen at their cottage last summer. The cottage has been sold and so we will really cherish the time that we spent there with them.

You've seen these pictures of Matt's graduation. The layout was for a sketch challenge on one of the boards that I belong to. The one picture is Matt and his prinipal. He's moving on to another school now. He is a great principal!

I might be able to share a couple of more later. Right now we are busy packing for Music Camp. Three of us will be doing music camp this year. Spencer and I are on faculty and Cameron is a camper. This is his last year at Junior Music Camp as a camper. He tells me he wants to be on Junior Faculty next year. I will be living with 14 ten and eleven year old boys for the next week. (...and I will love every minute of it ... OK, likely not every minute of it, but most.)


  1. Have a wonderful time at music camp, Barbara!!!

  2. Have a great time at camp. Camp creates wonderful memories for the kids. It is the volunteers who are back year after year who make it work.

  3. Oh wow, I love your multi-photo layouts!
    I hope camp was fun... I LOVED music camp as a kid. Such great memories. :)

  4. Great layouts. Might just have to scraplift!


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