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Friday, March 13, 2009

Today I am...

...happy that school assignments are done and being handed in today. There was a spring in the step of three boys who are looking forward to a week off school and a week away in a new destination.

...thinking of a couple of my friends who are going through some tough times right now. Formost in my mind is my friend who just had another Chemotherapy treatment and I know is sick as a dog.

...feeling quite lazy inspite of the fact that I have a ton of stuff that I need to get done over the next couple of days.

...aware that my wonderful husband just may be regretting giving me an itouch for Christmas as it's the gift that keeps on costing him money. I seem to have an addiction to the application and itune store.

...still in love with my itouch (and my wonderful husband)

...wondering what will be happening with the old Honda Oddessy as it has been getting sicker and sicker and it may be time to put it out to pasture.

...wondering if it goes out to pasture then how am I going to transport myself and three friends to Syracuse, New York 4 days after returning from our vacation. Yikes! I can just picture it now ... four of us hitch hiking with all our cropping bags.

...hoping that I have enough summer clothes that still fit me to fill my suitcase. I guess I'd better be trying some clothes on today to make sure.

...staring at the fridge and wondering how the boys manage to get all those hand prints all over the front of it when they need the handles to open it. My mother tells me that one day I will miss those hand prints. I don't see it.


  1. Have a great trip.

    Don't worry about the drive to Syracuse. I don't mind doing it. I've got more than enough room. I might need to borrow your GPS though!!

  2. Spring is certainly in the air. I really hope that your Honda is just feeling under the weather. You really do not need this right now just before going away. Have an awesome time!

  3. We'll pick up the 4 of you off the side of the road. It might now be legal to have that many in one car though.
    The 3rd car of our convoy will get the totes.
    That would be a funny sight, and a really good photo opp.

  4. I hope your friend feels better (and gets better) soon. <3

  5. I get the hand prints...itouch, Evie is not getting one of those things anytime soon.

  6. Have a great trip.


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