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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quiet weekend

My weekend plans changed. We were going to go to Kingston to visit Joanne and Bruce yesterday but unfortunately Joanne had a work emergency come up and so we had to postpone the visit. Maybe it was a good thing because we ended up getting snow ... although it would have been fun being snowed in there and having a whole weekend with them.

So, yesterday I was content just to stay home and play in my scraproom all day. One of the online forums I frequent is having an online crop so I worked away on some of the challenges there. I think I'll spend some more time this afternoon working on some more challenges. Tonight Spencer has a DYB practise in Toronto so that means no Oscars for me ... although I likely wouldn't watch them anyway.

Here are the challenges I did yesterday:

The first one was an ad challenge that I posted. The top is the ad and the second is the layout based on the ad.

OK, time to go and get everyone out of bed to go to Church. Have a great day everyone!


  1. You are really ROCKIN' the challenges Barb. Awesome layouts, I really like the one about Guitar Hero. Oscars....not sure yet. They are so slow moving, I think I would rather be scrappin'.

  2. I enjoyed all of your scrapbook pages. The rose one is especially nice. :)


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