Welcome to a day in my life. I can't guarantee that this will be an exciting read for anyone. My life is filled with all the mundane activities of a stay-at-home-mom just trying to raise her three sons to be the best men they can be.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last night after we were all cleaned up from supper, I decided to head into my scraproom to play around for a while. My room is on the main floor and is right beside the family room. Spencer was in there on the computer doing his homework. The two of us worked for a while quietly.

At 8 o'clock American Idol came on so I flicked on the small TV. This TV is only about 9" but it works fine for me as I don't really watch but rather listen.

Somewhere around 9 o'clock, Matthew made his way in there and sat on the floor propped against my desk to watch. Keep in mind that the family room is right beside my room and has a big TV. There's not alot of room in my room at the best of times so it was pretty cozy with the three of us in there.

Not long after that John and Cameron showed up. John brought in a chair, Cameron plopped on his lap (with the cat too!) and there we all sat, watching American Idol, all crammed in, while a large TV sat in the dark, only yards away.


  1. I love that Barb. It's just so nice to know that there is hope going into those teenaged years. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it! (and share your tips with me!!)

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Ahhhh, this is too cute. I think it says a lot of how close-knit your family is. :)

  3. It's great that you all just wanted to be together like that.

  4. I agree with Evie. Those family time moments where everyone is close together are special.

  5. They LOVE bring around MOMMY!
    Moms are the tie that binds a family together.
    You have very sweet boys Barb.
    Still smelly, but a little sweet!

  6. Coziness is the best. :)
    So wonderful that you enjoy music together, too.

  7. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Very very cute! I can't believe everyone was crammed into your small room, watching that tiny TV! lol. I love that you have pictures of this... and I expect to be seeing this on a layout VERY soon. ;)

  8. Nothing better than family all wanting to be together...Awwww....


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