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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that will be under our tree on Christmas morning

1. A TV set for an 18 year old in this house (he will be very surprised!)

2. a world war II video series for same 18 year old. (I have a feeling we won't be seeing him much on Christmas Day.

3. A video gaming chair

4. An iPod nano

5. a telescope

6. an astronomy book

7. some hoodies

8. Axis and Allies board game

9. Wall-E DVD

10. The Dark Knight DVD

11. Blade Star (some kind of flying toy)

12. an iPod touch (please, please, please Santa. I've been a very good girl this year!)

13. The cat (assuming we leave him his favorite spot open under the tree.)

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  1. I love the cat. Ours are both permanent residents under our tree. They will be so sad to see it go.

  2. Fun list. Sounds like you are going to have one VERY happy 18yr old. Happy Holidays. I hope you get your iPod.

  3. Sounds like your boys will have a very nice Christmas. I assume they don't read your blog!

  4. My cat is under my tree too. May you receive your wishes. Happy TT!

  5. what a very exciting Christmas morning, I hope your DS#1 is not reading your blog. :)
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. My cat loves to be under the tree, too. In fact, although he is normally the most docile thing on earth, if you try to move him from that particular place, you a likely to get up close and personal with his claws.

  7. Anonymous11:18 AM

    There'll be a Wii under my tree. I never have had the chance to play a real game of Axis and Allies, and I would love an iPod touch...

    just sayin'

    Happy T13!

  8. awwww, under your tree will be filled to the brim!

  9. Anonymous11:54 AM

    You definitely have boys. Hope they don't read your blog. Also hope you get that iPod pouch you want.

    Merry Christmas from She Lives!

  10. Anonymous1:04 PM

    #4 and #10 please !

    Happy Holidays. :)

  11. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Our cat loves to play under the tree. Unfortunately the dog wont let her this year and keeps chasing her away from it. I guess that's her job, Roxy the tree guarder. He he

  12. Uh-oh! I hope the eighteen year old isn't reading the blog!!! One of our cats has taken to mounting the inside of the tree near the trunk to "roost"... making her easily the largest ornament in the tree more often than not!

  13. Our cat keeps climbing our tree, so it's possible that by Christmas morning it will be lying on it's side.

    Happy TT!

  14. LOL on the cat! My DD would be eaten up with envy on the telescope -- she's an astronomy freak.

    Happy Christmas!

    Thanks for visiting earlier :-)

  15. Sounds like a full tree this year. I like that the cat has a special place under the tree also.

  16. Our cats have been competing for a place underneath the tree too.

    Hope you get the iPod touch. My husband has it and it is pretty cool.

  17. I hope you receive your ipod touch! Sounds like a wonderful time for all!

  18. Anonymous11:29 AM

    So many wonderful things under your tree!

  19. It looks like you'll have a satisfying Christmas.


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