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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love a good storm at Jackson`s Point

We have the best summer storms at Jackson`s Point. There are so many memories of riding out some great thunderstorms, and possible tornados there.

This year at Junior Music Camp we saw some very dark sky off in the distance. Carrie and I decided to wander over to the trailer park and put in our awnings because the awnings never fair too well in big storms. Within several minutes of us both getting our awnings in, the sky started to light up. The campers were just finishing the morning programme when it started to pour.

For the next 15 minutes we were all holed up in our cabins with kids, unable to do anything, watching the incredible storm outside. The thunder and lightning was constant, and we even got some hail. After about 15 minutes, the storm had moved passed, but it was still raining heavily. Some of the kids and faculty had been stranded around the camp and were unaccounted for.

The camp was flooded by water and we were ordered to stay inside. After everyone was found and returned to their cabins the rain finally stopped and we were called for lunch. When we came out this is what we saw:

There was debris everywhere and trees down. There was a big tree that snapped in half and came down right on top of the power lines causing the camp to be without power for 24 hours (which in itself was a very exciting thing for the campers.)
Across the road on the Conference Centre side, a few trees were down. Fortunately none of the big trees landed on any of the buildings and no one was hurt.

I love big storms at Camp!!


  1. yikes! good thing nobody was hurt!

  2. Lots of "memories" under that tree that came down. Ah well.....

    I think we've all lived through some pretty wicked storms up at Jackson's. I used to like sitting on the rocks on the beach and watching them role across the lake. It was funny to see people run out of the water when it was only rain that came in.......they didn't want to get wet!!!!

  3. For some reason I find summer storms to be a more wonderful experience than winter ones. I think part of it is that I am able to wonder around after looking at the large puddles, the running streams and the downed trees. In winter, I tend to remain huddled inside and think about all the snow that needs to be shoveled and plowed.

  4. It looks like that was quite a storm. Our family saw some pretty good ones in Winnipeg and Iowa City.

  5. Storms come up so quickly at Jacksons. Many times I would be at the beach with a bright sky, walk into thte water, turn around and a storm be eminent.

    I also remember sitting in the staff diningroom when a really bad storm hit - constant thunder and lightening. I was facing the old stove pipe when lightening hit the diningroom. The stove pipe lit up as a mini bolt traveled down the pipe. Scary! The same lightening bolt also kept going and hit the lodge. Parts of the chimney fell and there was a very small fire (I think in hte chimney). While the lightening was scary, after the storm there were huge puddles all over the field. We had the best mud fight ever!

    Remember when the chimney in the lodge was hit the first time and fell on a group of campers (guides I believe? I think someone was hurt in that one...

  6. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Oh wow, that was a BIG storm! I'm glad everyone was safe and sound.


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