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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Things I miss

1. I miss my sister who moved out to Calgary almost three years ago. I really miss having her around. Even though I get to see her at least a couple of times a year, I miss having her close. We were never living out of each other's pockets, but she has always been there for me at a moment's notice (as all my family are.)

2. I miss my oldest brother and his family, who moved away from this area many years ago. It's been a long time since we've lived close enough to share in each other's lives on a regular basis, but I still miss those times. I have really missed seeing my nephews grow up and getting to know them as they have developed into fine young men.

3. I miss my brother Stephen and his wife and kids. They moved out to Calgary around the same time that my sister did. I miss the friendship that the two families have shared and the vacations that we shared together. I miss the chats that Gayle and I have had as we raised our kids who were around the same age. I think it's time for another trip out west.

4. I miss the big family get togethers that we always had every Thanksgiving and Christmas. There were always so many people that the tables would spill out into the kitchen, and we were sitting on top of each other.

5. I miss having babies and toddlers running around here. I miss the days when the boys were small enough to climb up on my lap and read a book, or just cuddle.

6. I miss my friend, Barb. We met when we moved to Barbados. We instantly developed a close friendship and were each other's support sytem and confidants. We did everything together, and talked every dayThe two families spent holidays and weekends together. Since moving back to Canada (they're in Ottawa) we don't get to see each other very often, but when we do, time has changed nothing.

7. I miss having a close friend like Barb. I have some great friends, and we always have a great time together, but I miss having that close, sister-like friendship. Friendships like that are once-in-a-lifetime.

8. I miss having the body, and energy, of a young, 20 something.

9. Sometimes, just sometimes, I miss working. I worked with people who were developmentally handicapped ... and I miss that.

10. I miss the carefree, worry free days before children. I know those still in the child-rearing days will understand this. I love having my boys and certainly wouldn't change it, but I don't like the worry and anxiety that goes along with it - those sleepless nights, and tension headaches.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    All those things you miss... I miss some of the same things too. Family. Close friends. Carefree, easy-breezy days. But, like you, I wouldn't trade what I have for anything. Well, maybe I could trade a bit of my sleep-deprivation away for a sunny day, a tall, cold drink and a good book. :)

    I like your attitude... your zest for life. You make me smile, Barb.

  2. in six months i'll miss #8 also.

  3. Having babies and toddlers under foot is not something I miss and not something I am eager to experience again anytime soon with the next generation.


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