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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm stealing this cartoon from Nathalie's Blog . Every once in a while she posts these Baby Blues cartoons and they always have me in stitches because it's like a snippet of my life. This one I found particularily funny because it is so Spencer.

As a lot of you know, Spencer, my middle son who is 15, is a bright, talented young man. Everything seems so easy for him. He's liked by everyone, he's on the honour roll at school, he's very musical, and he's funny (even when he doesn't mean to be.) With so much ability in one body, he really isn't too bright some days (said in a completely loving way!)

On Sunday he had to dress up for the recital. I pulled a shirt out from the closet and asked him to try in on to make sure it fit. He did. He came downstairs with it on. Here's how the conversation went:

Spencer: Well, I have the shirt on, and it seems to fit.

Me: that's good.

Spencer: ummmmm .... it's weird though. I don't know how these buttons do up. They are doing up on the other side.

Me, after taking one look at him and hearing John roaring from behind him: Umm, Spencer, look down.

Spencer: What?

Me (holding the tag for him to see): You have it on inside out!!!

One thing I must say about Spencer, he can laugh at himself and he got almost as much enjoyment out of that moment as we did. I'm still laughing about it as I type this.

I feel so sorry for his future wife!


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Too funny! :) I really adore those cartoons. Scrappinbarb actually made me discover them and I've been a faithful reader ever since. I swear most of the time they are spying on my family life to get their ideas!! LOL

  2. hahaha......I TOTALLY relate to the artsy son thing!!!!!! Jason used to do the same thing!

  3. ROFLOL - that's a hilarious story. Make sure you tell it to his future wife, lol ... so she knows what to expect ... !

  4. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Oh my, that's too funny! I have to admit, I have had days like that too. Not the exact same thing, but you know... those "DUH!" moments. I have them often. :P
    And yes, I LOVE Baby Blues. I read it everyday.

  5. The absent minded professor strikes again!

  6. I have the SAME problem with my husband only he usually does the buttons wrong so the bottom of the shirts are uneven. Men! lol


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