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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lots happening around here

I've been a tad busy lately with things around here.

-Spencer had his enrolment at Church on Mother's Day. It made for a busy day as we had everyone back to the house for the afternoon to celebrate the enrolment, and mother's day.

-We opened the trailer this weekend. It was freezing cold, and wet, but it still felt like the beginning of summer for us.

-Spencer had a band trip this past weekend to Ottawa with the Divisional Youth Band. They were able to play on Parliment Hill.

-Cameron had his Spring Concert at school. All three bands played - one was the grade 6 band, one was the Senior Concert, and the other was the Jazz Band. He plays in all three. He's the only grade six in the Senior concert and the Jazz Band. I was so surprised at just how well they played.

-we are going to apply for Cameron to stay at his current school. The boundaries have changed (for the third time in 8 years) and so the kids one our street are going to the new school. We can request Cameron stay where he is since they've moved him three times. The music programme at his current school is fantastic so we want him to stay where he is.

-Matt continues to be handling his anxiety really well right now. We are so pleased with his progress and I know he is too.

-with school starting to wind down for the year, it seems that there are so many events going on. Every weekend between now and the end of June seems to be booked with events.

-John is enjoying his consulting work right now. When this contract comes to an end in July he has already signed on to work for Swiss Re.

-I've been very frustrated lately with being a digital photographer. I love the instant gratification, and the fact that I'm more comfortable in the creative modes of the d-slr (as I can see right away what works and what doesn't), but I hate the after part. I hate editing, organizing, and printing. I find it all way to time consuming.

-I've managed to get some scrapping time in. Here's a couple more layouts:


  1. Great layouts! I love the title of the fishing one, I am definitely scraplifting that one! And the tree guy pictures are really cute. :o)

  2. Love your LO's - Tree Guy is my fave. That photo block of four pics is just perfect.

    Solve your printing problem and go digi! Just leave it all on the computer - LOL!

    Sorry...can't help you with the editing/sorting process...although, I do sort mine by date/event - so 20080519 - Baking Brownies. That way at least I know everything is chronological.

    Oh...and ummm...get a bigger hard drive - LOL!

  3. Re: digital photography. The editing can be tedious. I think of my desktop as my darkroom, a place to try out different crops, orientations, etc. I'm learning to be much more discriminating, early in the process, about what to keep and work with and what to trash.

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Wow, you guys ARE busy! I'm glad to hear everyone's doing so well. All you need now is for the weather to get warmer (looks like this weekend will be GREAT!) and then you're set. :)

  5. Glad things are working for Matthew right now. He is really maturing.

    As for the digital photography - I hear ya! I find myself snapping away like crazy because I am more free to experiment. The trouble is that I have so many more photos to go through. I hate trashing photos. I also find it hard to find the time tese days to get in to the kiosks or go on line to order prints. I needed two disks for a weekend trip to New York City and can't decide what to print for my scrapbooking pages and for my keepsake boxes. Such a dilema!


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