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Friday, April 04, 2008

When we were in Florida, John took Cameron out deep sea fishing. Cameron is the only one of the three boys that enjoys the outdoors. He adores fishing and begs us to take him all summer long.

John told him a couple of days before that they were going and Cameron was so excited. On the morning of the trip, he was up early and packing his bag (with what, I don't know because everything was provided for them.) Somehow he just seemed so grown-up that day.
When I met them at the pier after they returned, he was telling me all the details of the trip, what they used for bait, how they caught the fish, how many he caught, and how he had to fight with the dolphin who were going after the fish that were on the lines.

He caught a lot of fish, but only kept two. (he was sad to tell me that the ones he let go, the dolphin grabbed as soon as they hit the water again.) He was so proud of his catch. He decided to have one cleaned at the pier, and kept the other one to clean himself.

The next day we cooked the fish up for lunch and, even though I'm not a fish eater, I must say that it tasted pretty good.


  1. Cousin Jason would be so proud, and jealous!

  2. i just want to say that uncle john and cameron look NOTHING alike

  3. Good for you Cameron.


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