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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love it when I see progress!

I went to parent/teacher interviews last week at the high school. I'm always a little apprehensive about these as I'm always afraid that I'm going to hear some surprises (although, they have almost always been good). Well ... I was right. I was surprised ... but very pleasantly. We went to Matt's Math class. His teacher is one that he has had before ... in grade 10, so I knew that she knew Matt well, and liked working with him before.

After we said hello she said to me "I've been meaning to call you" ... oh great! This is never good. Then she shared with me how much she is loving having Matt in her class again and that she has noticed a lot of changes in him and how he's socializing better, and just interacting with others. I aked her if she is seeing any inappropriateness in the way that he is interacting, or any difficulties with the non-verbal cues, and she said no. She said that he fits in very well with everyone and is socializing just like his peer. In fact, he is quite humourous and is keeping them laughing. He has even written his teacher some poems about math and his dislike for certain units they've done.

His other teachers all had the same to say. He's interacting well, and he's socializing.

I love to see progress!!


  1. BARB! This is AMAZING! SO thrilled for Matt...and you too!


  2. That's great news.

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    That's just AMAZING, Barb. I know there's been a lot of behind-the-scenes work on your part to get him where he is now, so congratulations to both of you! It gives me hope that, someday, I will be able to have a PT interview like that. :)

  4. That is so wonderful. I am happy you got such a good report.

  5. That is such a fantastic report! I'm glad to see that his teachers value him and appreciate who he is - a regular student, a peer, creative, very intelligent, humourous and most of all a nephew whom I am very proud of!!


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