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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pink Day

Three days ago I was made aware of a very inspiring story of two boys in Nova Scotia . They overheard a grade nine student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. As a result, they went out and bought some pink shirts themselves and then went home and contacted all their friends to get them to wear pink to school the next day as a show of support for the bullied student. The next day a remarkable thing occured. When the bullied student arrived at school, there was a sea of pink shirts. Everyone had worn a pink shirt to school in a united front against bullying. Wow! It's truly inspiring how a couple of people can make such a huge difference not just to one life, but to inspire the lives of countless people.

This year, in response to this story, Christy Clark, a radio talk show host in BC, encouraged all her listeners to dress in pink on February 27th, as a stand against bullying.

I would have loved to see how many people were wearing pink in BC today.

Myself, I proudly wore pink today. I stand with countless others who say that bullying will not be tolerated any longer. My son has had to endure bullying pretty much all his school life and so I have seen first hand the effect and the scrars that come from this.

Every February 27th I will wear pink.

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  1. I shall mark the calendar for next yr, as this has already passed, i was bullied in my jr high yrs so i can understand a united front.

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    That's pretty amazing... that story. Wow! Had I known, I would have worn pink today.

    So sorry about what your son has had to endure. :(

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    over 125 thousand people signed up on Facebook saying they would wear pink today. There were even construction workers downtown Vancouver wearing pink.

  4. i love the origins of that story - it's great!

  5. Too bad I didn't know about this. This is a very inspiring story. I'm happy to hear that there are still youngsters with empathy for their peers. What a wonderful gesture. :)

  6. Great story. One of Joshua's friends gave him a pink shirt for his birthday. I don't think he's ever worn it. I encouraged him to wear it at least once when he would be with her, just to acknowledge her thoughtfulness. She's a good friend of his, so I think there was a certain amount of playfulness, but not in an insulting way, in giving it to him.

    He would not have been able to wear the shirt yesterday, however, as he had to dress rather formally for a school trip to the US Capitol building. I even had to buy him a new tie for the occasion!

    He enjoyed his tour. They got to watch both the Senate and the House of Representatives in action and actually observed a vote. He told me about some of the differences between the two chambers, such as the fact the House is much more technologically hip than the Senate. He couldn't take any indoor pictures, however, as all electronics had to be checked in and stored fairly early in their visit. That sorta sucked.

  7. What a wonderful story. Remarkable who just a few students can make a difference and inspire a entire nation to wear pink. Love it.

    Have a great weekend,
    Love, es


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