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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse and other tidbits

So, did you see the eclipse last night? We had perfect, clear skies last night and it was great for viewing the eclipse. I got my tripod out and tried to take some pics of it. (it must have been quite the site for my neighbours with me out there in my PJs and slippers.) I managed to get some decent shots.

In other news, Stephen (my brother) was here from Calgary for a few short days. He arrived on Monday (on our first Family Day holiday) and came here after his meeting. Cathy and Don and Stephen came here for dinner and we had a great time just visiting.
I've been a scrapping fiend lately. I've joined a challenge to use my stash. I can't shop until I've done so many layouts. It's been motivating me to just get things done and not worry so much about the finished product.
Here's what I've done in the past week:


  1. We were in a heavy overcast condition....no eclipse for us to see.

  2. Love your LOs ... my favorite is the "Growing Up Before My Eyes" one ... beautiful!!!

  3. Great layouts. In addition to having overcast conditions on Eclipse Night, I was at a high school parents' meeting at the time.

  4. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Okay, wow! I'm loving all your pages. You're a fast scrapper and get such wonderful results. Very impressive.

  5. Oh that is so a challenge i could use ... use stash before i buy. I admit though i just bought $60 worth of adhesive .. i plan on scrappin!


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