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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not much happening in this neck of the woods these days. All's quiet .... and that's the way I like it. I went to London this past weekend for a fund-raising crop. I really enjoyed myself and managed to get 8 layouts done inspite of all the chatting, visiting and shopping.

I'm so glad to have my scrapping mojo back. I've been putting a dent in the pile of pictures that are piled everywhere in my room. Here's some of my latest layouts:

This one I need to go back and fix. I forgot an "L"


  1. Great layouts. Glad your mojo's back.

  2. So jealous you got some mojo. lol Great layouts. I love the 6x12.

  3. Those are gorgeous! Don't feel bad about the badands one (lol) ... I always screw up my titles when I'm at crops ... too much talking, not enough concentrating, lol!

  4. O, you've been busy! Love all your new creations.

    Love es

  5. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Very cool boy LOs. I love the paintball one. And really, I looked at the Badlands one and wondered exactly where you'd gone on vacation. lol

  6. These are some wonderful layouts, While it is hard to pick a favorite, I do love the paintball one!!!!!


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