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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our piano teacher, who has been teaching the boys for 7 years now has gone back to University full time. She wants to keep teaching the boys but felt that Spencer was now past where she could teach him and suggested that he move on to someone who can take him farther. She recommended someone to us.

On Saturday we met with the teacher that she recommended. During the interview we found out just how accomplished a pianist she is. She has done many concert tours and has many recordings. She totally impressed Spencer when she told him that one of her friends is Oscar Petterson. (she also told him that if he was good enough she would arrange for Spencer to play for him ... hmmmmm ... I don't think he's quite there yet!)

Anyway, she listened to him play. She thinks he's good (well, I do too, but I'm his mother!) and confirmed to me that he has perfect pitch (which to mean just means that he has a unique quirk that he could show off at parties!) She noticed some flaws in his playing and said that she's pretty picky and would fix those right away. She said that she would love to work with him and would even re-arrange some of her other students to fit him in.

Wow! This sounds all very cool.

So ... when we were getting ready to leave I asked her "By the way, what's your fee."

"$90 an hour." ...and that's her cheap rate. She charges $120 if you do it out of the conservatory!

We've got a lot of thinking and talking to do!


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Yowsa! $90 an hour?! Wow! :O

    It sounds like your son is a gifted musician though. Well worth it, I'm sure. Wow! You must be very proud of him. :)

  2. I know $90 an hour sounds like a lot of money (and it is), but if she's as qualified as you say she is, you have to realize that she's spent a lifetime reaching her current level of competence. Think of the thousands of dollars she spent on her education. Think of the hundreds of hours she has spent practicing the piano and probably continues to practice. She has prepared just as much as any lawyer or doctor and is just as much of a professional as any of them. Nevertheless, her prices aren't anywhere close to what doctors and lawyers charge per hour. If I could find a lawyer at $90 an hour, I'd be laughing as I wrote the check.

  3. You pay for quality. When a person reaches a certain level, not everyone is able to take the gifted student to the next level. If he as reached that stage, and she can take him to the next highest level, then the money is well worth it.

  4. $90! As you know Gayle and I have made it a financial priority to expose Elizabeth and Emily to the top children's choirs. It's a struggle - and has even driven us to some desperate measures (it was an insane period of time). But it's worth it. The quality training, the life lessons, the disciplines, the building of character - and the life memories are priceless.
    This could be what Spencer needs to allow him to understand what his full potential really is!
    I am looking forward to hearing him play!

  5. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing Spencer play, I'd love to someday. If Spencer is serious about his playing, it will be well worth it. It's time to decide what Spencer sees for himself in the future. Good Luck!

  6. Holy piano notes, Batman! That's expensive! Wish I could mail you a cheque....I sure encourage youngins to keep up with music at all costs.....

  7. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Ouch! Specialized private classes are very expensive but I'm sure that it's worth it if he wants to persue a career out of it. :D My MIL had to take a job to pay for my DH skating private classes and such because he was competing at the time...

    You must be very proud of his talent. :D

  8. i am seriously in the wrong profession

  9. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Wow! Sounds expensive but it also sounds like you have a very talented boy who is ready and able to progress to bigger and better things. Tough decisions I'm sure; good luck!


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