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Friday, August 17, 2007

Wanna see the new trailer?

I've had some people asking me to post pics of the new trailer. I managed to get some, but they aren't great.

So, this is the floor plan.

This is standing at the door looking left at the kitchen area. Through the brown door on the left is the bathroom and our bedroom.
The main room is on a slide out which makes it much bigger. Now three of us can be working in the kitchen at the same time.
This is from the kitchen looking the other way. Through that door is the bunk house. Behind the door are two bunks and on the right side is a small dinette table that folds down for a third bed. The boys are quite happy wieht this because as you can see they have a TV in there and their Wii as well.
Sorry. If I knew you were coming I would have cleaned up a little.
The bathroom is through the door (it's the whole width of the trailer with a descent sized tub in it) and then through that is our bedroom which I don't have a picture of. (basically it's just a bed with a wardrobe on each side. Not a lot of room to move around in there, but at least we have our own space.)
The trailer from the outside. That monster of a deck took two days to put back together and in place. It was worth it, though, right John????
From the back. That hammock has been the desired spot to lay and do nothing or read. We've all made good use of it!
Looking from the deck. Our new spot backs onto the camp. The trailer park is part of the Salvation Army camp. The boys (and I) attend Music Camp every summer. Spencer will bo going to Senior Music Camp on Saturday. We love the site because we have the forest right there, and lots of privacy. The campers never come back that far as it's out of bounds, and yet we can hear them. We really love the new site.
The sites are small, but we love our neighbours so it's OK.
Being at the camp I feel totally secure and don't have to worry about the boys' safety. Cameron can go out and wander on his own.


  1. Holy cow, that is HUGE! Awesome trailor!

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Ooooooh, that looks amazing. Wow! What a GREAT summer you must've had. That looks like a little slice of heaven there. :)

  3. WoW! What a trailer! Lately I have had a huge urge to own one of these but on a smaller scale. One that we can easily hook up to the back of the truck and travel where ever and whenever our hearts desired.

  4. Nice site - good shade which is better than the last one! I'm glad you have good neighbours, too.

  5. Nice trailer. I see you got one of the "premium" sites. I'm sure you guys are enjoying yourselves immensely.

  6. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I had not been around to check out your blog for a while but I can see that you had a great time so far this summer! :) I love your new pages and your new trailer looks very roomy and wonderful! :)

    Enjoy the end of the summer with your guys! :)

  7. it looks nicer than my house!...no...seriously...

  8. Lovely....is it a park version or a towable?

  9. Keep it in good condition. We are looking forward to living in it in our retirement!

  10. I'm impressed! We just got a 5th wheel...and my parents got a new Coyote but yours takes the cake! Beautiful!

    I've linked your blog to mine....hope you don't mind!


  11. Wow - what a great trailer. That would be an awesome way to spend the summer. Congratulations!

  12. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Very cool. We have a trailer, but it's nothing like this very cool trailer you have there. I'm hoping to upgrade soon.


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