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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Nutcrackers

In my last Thursday Thirteen, I had my collection of Nutcrackers as one of my favorite ornaments at Christmas. Well, it would seem that I have passed this love for nutcrackers along to Cameron. He has his own collection that his Nana has started him on and keeps adding to. When Nana came to visit on Sunday she brought along three more. Cameron was very excited to add these to his collection and has given them all places of honour around the house. Between the two of us now, we have quite a few ... the only problem is that I think he may now have more than I do.


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    What a great collection! And your ds is such a handsome guy... he's going to be a heartbreaker! ;)

  2. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Gotta love the ever growing collections when the grandparents get into it too! LOL

    I love all the nutcrackers! :D And Barb is right. Your ds looks very handsome! :D

    I have to be very careful because I love all the Christmas decorations and I could easily get myself into trouble with them... Too bad I don't have a mansion where I could store all those lovelies... LOL

  3. Cameron fits right in with those guys - they're all cute.

  4. A great collection! I have always loved Nutcrackers, too!

  5. I wonder how many nutcrackers there would be altogether if Jason and I added ours to yours. We could probably open up a store. My favourite ones are a toymaker, an RCMP officer, and Santa.


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