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Saturday, November 04, 2006

While I still love working with film cameras, and am not yet ready to make the leap into the digital age, I feel like I'm always a little behind the times in my pictures. This week I took in four rolls to be developed. These rolls are only three weeks old, but I still feel that the "news" is old and so don't often share them here. So, you'll have to ignore the fact that you already know this because I'm sharing anyway.

Just before Thanksgiving, Cathy was off on her break and so we took one day and went to Niagara Falls for a few hours. (That's one of the perks of living here is that within an hour we can be walking along the boardwalk ... and it never gets old!) We took the boys into the Bird Aviary. I highly recommend this to anyone who is going to Niagara Falls. It's a great place ... definately worth the price of admission. Anyway, when I got these pictures back, I had to smile. I think you can tell how much the boys enjoyed themselves.


  1. Playing with birds, what a great experience.

  2. Great photos. We'll have to check out the aviary the next time we're in that area.

    We finally got our scanner this past week! Now I can get my film developed and scan the developed film directly into my computer. No more paying for prints I'll toss out and CDs with relatively low resolution pictures.

    I like my digital camera, but there is something really neat about playing with film.

  3. I'm so glad you put some pictures from our time in Niagara Falls. I am unable to add any images and so I rarely want to share.


  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Cool pics! :D I have to remember this next time we travel to Niagara Falls. I'm pretty sure that the girls would like that. :D

    I couldn't go back to the "old" way with my pictures though... I just love the instant gratification that you get with digital.


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