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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Is it the weekend again? It seems like this week flew by.

Not much happening around here this week. We spent the week at the trailer. Spencer was at Senior Music Camp this week. He had a great time and was thrilled to make it into the "Faculty" band. It looked so odd as he was so tiny compared to the rest of the band.

Cameron had his championship game today for baseball. His team finished in first place and were the #1 team in the playoffs, but missed today by one run. Cameron was devastated as he was the final out. My heart broke for him as he just hung his head.

Go and visit Joanne's Blog. She has a great post on the three of us sisters. What a wonderful thing to read today.

I was visiting Barb's Blog today and saw this fun list. Here is is with my answers:

number play
10 of my personality traits: quiet, organized, shy, creative, a loyal friend, introverted, loving, impatient, when I'm tired I withdraw into myself, stubborn.

9 places I've travelled: Whistler BC, Quebec City, Maritimes, Washington DC, Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, The Grenadines, Florida, Alberta

8 people I've talked to today: John, Cameron, Matthew, Spencer, Mary, Costas, Kim, The Tim Horton's lady

7 favourite foods: fajitas, chocolate (is that considered a food?), potato chips, chicken divan, steak, BBQd ribs, brocoli and cauliflower with lemon dill sauce

6 goals for the coming days and weeks: starting up some kind of exercise routine, getting everyone back into the school routine with as little anxiety as possible, getting Matt set up with his new teachers for the semester, getting back into a scrapbooking routine (I'm sooooo behind), start to redecorate Cameron's room, start to get things in place for the next scrapbooking retreat in November

5 items in my purse: (first let me say that I never carry my purse with me)loose receipts, light, pen, lip gloss, appointment slips

4 things on my grocery list: milk, soft taco shells, sour cream, cheese (were having fajitas for supper yum yum!)

3 stores I love: any scrapbooking store, reitmans, walmart (and I'm proud of it LOL!)

2 activities I did as a kid: junior band, brownies (and hated every minute of it!)

1 quirky habit I have: Before bed I have to have something salty followed by something sweet.

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Hey, it sounds like you're still crazy busy... when are you going to wind down before school starts, eh?! ;)

    Thanks for blogging your list. I love reading little tidbits about other people. I LOLed at your answer about the person at the Timmy's counter. Seriously. Thanks for the smile.


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