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Friday, April 21, 2006

Wow! What fantastic weather we are having. Yesterday it was sunny and a wonderful 20 degrees outside. Cameron has taken up his position in the backyard. He has all of his trucks, tools, some of my kitchen utensils outside with him. He has been happily digging in the dirt and stones. Apparently he is making a mine. Hmmm... diamonds would be nice. What a boy!

Wednesday night Spencer was at the Halton Showcase. Every year the Halton board of Education rents out Hamilton Place (a good size concert hall) and showcases some of the school music groups from around the region. Most of the groups are high school. Every year the Halton Junior Jazz Band is invited to play. They played so well. Spencer has a solo in one of the pieces and it amazes me that he can get up in front of thousands of people and play a solo without being nervous at all. I couldn't do it in front of ten! When they were done, the audience gave them a standing ovation (the only one for the night.) It was such a proud moment for us, and for the 20 kids who play in the band.


  1. We've had great weather here too, but we're going to have rain over the weekend. I guess we need some of that too.

    It's great that Spencer is coming along so well with his music. I'll bet John is pleased. I hope I'll get a chance to hear him sometime.

  2. 22 degrees C today and nothing but sun. 3 degrees C tomorrow with rain and snow showers. OF COURSE, it's the weekend.

    I hope you're getting some good pictures of Cameron. When he's an adult and owns his own mine, you can do a "From Pretend.....To Reality" page.

    I often think about how cool it is that each one of us has a child that is truly "gifted" musically. Joshua, Jason, Emily and Spencer. For each one of them it comes so naturally. I think the greatest thing about each of them is how humble they are. Tell Spencer I am proud of him and to keep it up Barb!


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