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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scrapbook Nerd Academy

Hello Everyone.
The Scrapbook Nerd Blog is still down, so I will be hosting the blog posts on my blog this week.

Today is Tutorial Tuesday and Design Team Member, Paige, is showing us how to combin 12x12 layouts with pocket pages.

"I am primarily a 12x12 scrapbooker. I have chosen not to do project life as I didn't feel I could make the commitment to doing weekly, or even monthly spreads. That said I have enjoyed using pocket pages on certain projects such as December Daily, and Week in the Life.

More recently, I began combining 12x12 layouts with pocket pages. I find this model particularly helpful in vacation albums, or with holiday or events, where I have more than the usual number of photos that I want to include in an album.

Here are a few tips I have learned from this hybrid approach:

1.Establish some sort of pattern to give your album structure. For example, in my album documenting our trip down east, I used a 12x12 spread to mark the beginning of each new city on our road trip. For my Disney album I am using the front 12x12 to mark the start of each new day and different park.

2. This method of combining takes some planning. When you insert a 12x12 you have to plan to do two of these layouts, the front and back side. Similarly the pocket page requires both sides to be filled. To help guide me as I lay out the photos and cards, I created an outline of the most common formats of 12x12 pocket pages and use that to arrange my photos and cards before finalizing the spread.

3. When there is a 12x12 layout beside a pocket page, I do my best to ensure that they flow together Sometimes that means the two pages are telling a similar story and I am pulling out the best photos for the larger layout. Other times I try to match up colours or patterns across the two pages so that they are pleasing to the eye.

4. When you are comfortable with this approach, you can use it well to document daily life. I have decided that I will incorporate pocket pages into my regular 12x12 albums, therefore allowing me to use the hybrid method without creating a separate project life album.

How many of you use pocket pages in your scrapbooking? What method do you like best?


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